I’ve recently developed an unhealthy obsession with checking out local “event” events using the Facebook app on my phone. One trend that we see on a regular basis is wine and paint Gold Coast parties. As an artist who likes a great Malbec and painting (as I did before diapers and finger paints took over my leisure time), this concept is EXTREMELY tempting.

I’m often on the lookout for new and exciting things to do with my friends, and this one struck me as one I’d want to attempt. Not in a studio, but in the privacy of my own home with my closest friends!

Therefore, here are some suggestions for hosting your own Paint and Sip Gold Coast Party at home!

Come and Sip and Paint with Us, Wine Not?

There are several methods for inviting guests to a paint and drink party.

  • Inviting a Super Creative Paint and Sip Gold Coast Party– You can be creative with it. Mini canvases are inexpensive and readily available in most local craft stores, typically costing less than $1 per canvas. They are large enough to write all of the party’s details on, and they demonstrate a fun, unique perspective on the festivity.
  • You may use conventional paper invitations with a theme—there are numerous adorable patterns and styles to pick from.

Don’t forget that you can also use Facebook to invite people to events.

Prepare yourself for the paint and sip Gold Coast event.

There are a few items you’ll need for your paint and drink party:

Sip and Paint Party Tables – You may have a small paint and sip Gold Coast party that may fit easily around a dining room table or kitchen island. However, if the floor layout is inconvenient, you may need to hire tables to accommodate everyone in one area.

Tables may be rented from a local rental provider. In most markets, renting an eight (8) foot table will cost less than $10. With supplies and setup, you should plan for a maximum of 5-6 people per table. I actually have two of these folds out 6-foot tables in my home for big events. They are frequently useful and typically cost between $45 and $60.

Chairs for everyone at the Sip and Paint Party – While not everyone will sit the entire time, I personally prefer to stand and paint, chairs are critical for in-between chatting and hanging out.

These are also available at the rental store. The majority of seats cost less than $2 each.

Tablecloths for table and floor protection– As much as I’d want to pretend this is to guard against paint spills, that wine may easily escape the glass. If you are unable to do so in an area with soft flooring, remember to purchase a couple of additional tablecloths to lay beneath the painting areas.

Complete Sip and Paint Party Supply Set

There are two ways to order supplies for your paint and sip Gold Coast party.

One, separately order supplies or purchase an all-in-one kit. I’ve summarized everything below.

Easels for Paint and Sip Parties

Purchase easels online 

While you can purchase tabletop easels for the party, the most cost-effective way I’ve seen to ensure everyone has an easel is to acquire (clean, unused) pizza take out boxes. You can purchase these online for less than $1 a piece, or if you don’t mind the “brand name,” you can ask for a few the next time you’re at a pizza restaurant.

Canvas Options for the Sip and Paint Party:

Blank Canvas– There are many possibilities. o You may start with a conventional blank canvas and have a tutorial in mind for what you would want to paint together.

Pre-Drawn Canvas – But do not despair if you do not have a guide for your paint and sip Gold Coast party! They’ve always figured out a way to get things done for us! That is correct. You no longer need to think about what you’re going to paint or how you’re going to come up with something. Simply sit back, sip your beverage, and enjoy this already-lined canvas.

This is very straightforward, but keep in mind that WATER-based paints are the most critical element of this. Thus, if any “happy accidents” occur, they may be readily rectified.

Additionally, get a few paint palette holders to facilitate the sharing of paints.

Using water cups to clean brushes in between sessions is also a good idea.

Simply ensure that the glasses you’re using appear completely different from the containers in which you’re sipping the wine.

Alternative to Paint Brushes – If your team is hesitant to use paint, you may add a twist by utilizing something like these marker-based canvas art.

WINE, WINE, and… wait for it… WINE!

Vino Verde– Traditionally, this is a Portuguese wine. It’s the ideal wine for a day on the patio or a dinner party. What is it that I adore about it? It’s not too sweet; imagine pear sweetness. IT IS EFFECTIVE! I enjoy a little fizz in my beverages, and this one has a subtle glitter that dances on the tongue. Casal Garcia is my favourite brand, and it’s typically less than $10 per bottle. Click here to read about How to create your first painting in Gold Coast.

Sauvignon Blanc– A crisp, refreshing, and delectable white wine. Any time you can obtain one of these from New Zealand’s Marlborough area, you will experience the vibrant flavour that this type has to give.

Unoaked chardonnay– When the majority of people think of Chardonnay these days, they see a bingo hall or a boring gallery event. Unoaked Chardonnays are Chardonnay’s fresh face. These are hardly the white wines of your granny. It’s bright and robust, with a full body and a round mouth feel, and it carries a more complex taste profile than the majority of your other delicate grapes.

Sparkling Moscato – This is the ideal sweet and effervescent mix. It’s also an excellent technique for using fresh fruit. You may either stay with the traditional berry mix or add more subdued pieces of pear. In any case, a sparkling beverage makes a statement.

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